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Rona's "First Coast Living" Recommendations 

Monday, August 14

American Eclipse by David Baron

The history of the eclipse in American society, and the profound effects it has had on many who experience this rare event.

The Address by Fiona Davis

Historical fiction about New York and the Dakota Hotel,  intertwining stories that take place 100 years apart.

The Talented Ribkins, by Ladee Hubbard

An extraoridnary first novel that combines humor, family history and civil rights in a road trip through Florida.

Hum If You Don't Know the Words, by Bianca Marais

Set in South Africa during the 1970's, a novel that examines race relations through the eyes of a child.

Less by Andrew Sean Greer

A former boyfriend's marriage to a younger man sets Arthur Less on an international sojurn to try to figure out why his own life has been "less" than successful ... a witty and funny story.

The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

A complex, rich and ambitious historical novel "set in late nineteenth-century England, about an intellectually minded young widow, a pious vicar, and a rumored mythical serpent that explores questions about science and religion, skepticism, and faith, independence and love." [whew] The reviews are universally outstanding.

Surfing with Sartre by Aaron James

A philosphy professor uses his passion for surfing as a platform to contemplate the more important questions of life.

Monday, May 8, 2017
The Language of Solitude, by Jan-Philipp Sendker ($26). A novel that provides insights into life in modern China, and the effects of a totalitarian regime and oppressive culture on individuals and families.

Spaceman of Bohemia, by Jaroslav Kalfar ($26). " Blending subtle asides on Czech history, the Cold War, and today's wobbly democracy, Kalfar's confection is an inventive, well-paced exercise in speculative fiction." Kirkus Reviews

Beartown, by Fredrik Backman ($26).  The bestselling author of "A Man Called Ove" tells the tale of a small town that pins all of its hopes on it's hockey team and its star player.  Then something catastrophic happens, and everything changes.

Killers of the Flower Moon, by David Grann ($28.95). Grann offers new insights into the killing spree of wealthy Osage Indians residing on the oil rich lands of Oklahoma in the 1920s and the FBI's investigation. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Second Mrs. Hockady  by Susan Powers ($25.95) is a historical novel about the South during the civil war as revealed through the letters and diaries of the famillies left at home.

Signals: New and Selected Stories by Tim Geaugtreaux ($26.95) explore the enduring challenges and strengths of residents in Louisiannaand North Carolina.

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